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Amy Kensington is born into the world of Queen Victoria – a world of grandeur and charm, yet also a world of men and classist society. At sixteen, she takes on this world, requiring to prove her capability by fulfilling a grueling set of tasks that take her on a thrilling journey from Boston to Bombay. Amidst the sights and sounds of a colonial world, Amy’s resolve, ability and heart are put to the test as she fights against fate in order to get back to London on time…


A Wager of Wills Book Cover

About the Author

Samantha Alchin was born in South Africa, grew up on a small farm in the Little Karoo — When she was 17 her parents sold the farm, bought a boat and five of the family began on a journey to see the world. They made it as far as San Pedro, Belize and got stuck. The island is now her home.

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Author Samantha Alchin


The Mark

THOSE WHO GIVE UP THEIR LIBERTY FOR SECURITY DESERVE NEITHER Skylar looked up at her phone and pouted her lips and before even looking at the selfie she had taken – she quickly put on the filter – the one that made her look somewhat mystical and soft around the edges. She frowned when she…


Nobody Loves Me – Nina

Nina hadn’t sold many necklaces, only a very few bracelets – she was mildly worried but mostly desperate to go and sit on the large turtle in the park and pretend it was carrying her across the ocean. But instead she stood on the beach seeming to look around, but mostly lost in thoughts. Nina…


I Am Here!!!

I am here… In the corner of your eye That person you walked by I am here, right here   I am not quite whole There’s a body, there’s a soul But I’m just another face In a growing human race Till you turn around and see I am here… This is me   It…

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