This poem is based on a story I am busy writing, in fact I just added three more pages to it this morning… It is going to be my first trilogy. It is based in 1799 and stretches the length and width of the Napoleonic wars. The story is narrated by Harriet Thatcher a farm girl who runs off to sea to join the pirates… and encounters a few detours… The poem narrates the conflict she feels once she returns to land:



Restless wanderer on path of briny foam

When will you direct your sails for home

For different reasons we left that place

If to return, what will we face?

Cheers of welcome: old wounds to renew

Tears to comfort; friends so few

Never to be able to leave again

When the guilt of the wanderers remain

There in a harbour she lies

The sea beckons beyond sunrise

Restless wanderers we stand

You bound to sea and I to land

How faster roots should grow

In earth soft than in the currents fast flow

Yet here I stand and shall always be

Bound to land as always to sea

The drawing is of Harriet Thatcher with Ventus Capere in the background.