A Wager of Wills – A Poetical Excerpt

After a whirlwind journey, Amy and her companions arrive in India. In the unconventional home of Mrs. White, Maria discovers a book of poetry and when she confesses her illiteracy, Amy vows to undertake her education… Amy reads the following poem to her:



“Over in Ireland, are loving arms, to hold me tight and near,

Sweet and tender words, to calm my every fear,

There run little feet that patter quickly by

In an instant in my arms… hear them laugh and sigh



Meadows slope to all sides, near the river flows

Rich the earth, the heather thick, perfumed wind blows,

Blows across the fields of hay, far across a restless sea,

Where in foreign lands I roam, beckoning to me…


“Home, come home. Too long have you been gone,

Forget of wealth, forsake not happiness, then with your woes be done.”

And so at night I dream, that once again I’ll be,

In those loving arms that wait, beyond the vast blue sea.”