Unexpected Analysis – Excerpt

The piece below is a writing assignment I had, to use dialogue to give clues of character and surrounding… in short a lot of fun! It is also from a book that I have begun time and again – but have not yet finished…

“I don’t see why I need to buy the pills, I’m not taking them!” Bobby grumbled.

“Well perhaps you should take them. Take your research all the way. Besides, if he is a good psychiatrist he will check up on you, and then the game is up.” Delaney cautioned.

“This is your fault you know.”

“I fail to see how it is,” She said calmly.

“You fail to see? Let me see: You went to the counseling… thingy, and told them I was suicidal. You suggested therapy. Ergo we wouldn’t be on our way to the chemist to pick up anti-depressants, if it wasn’t for you… And all this, just for the sake of research for an assignment I’ve already handed in!”

“How is your next assignment coming along?”

“You’re changing the subject.”

“How astute of you to notice. Now answer my question.”

“As a professor you shouldn’t ask me that, it would be the same as, well, as me asking you what the next test is going to be.”

“What an erroneous simile! It would be no such thing. I have nothing to gain from that information, it would give me no advantage over others; whereas the latter would be completely unethical and wholly in your favour. Watch out, it’s slippery right here.”

“Well… Remind me why you are here?’

“You don’t have a car, and you wouldn’t come on your own.”

“Why do you always have to have a comeback? I wish you would just shrug every once in a while.”

“It’s one of the privileges of age, having a ready reply. I’ve worked at it for years and earned the right to use it as often as I like. And it’s a good thing I came with you because that is twice now you’ve nearly fallen and broken your neck.”

“Can I help it if the road is all iced over? Anyway, we are inside now, and I’m safe from breaking my neck. I saw you talking with professor Munster before we left…” she added hesitantly,

“Is there a point to your statement?”

“Well, it’s just… He seems nice.” Bobby ventured.

“Again, Bobby, your dialogue is without matter, I suggest you choose a subject with a point to it,” she warned.

“Okay, well how about going back to the subject about me taking anti-depressants – when I’m not depressed. That seems a very solid subject up for discussion.”

“I have looked into it, and the medication won’t have any effect on you,” she lied, “If you are not depressed,” she added.

“I have no desire to jump off buildings, slit my wrists, or lock myself away from the world,” she responded in a whisper, and then mumbled inaudibly, “maybe the last bit.”

“Just as you say, now hand the nice man your prescription,” Professor Delaney instructed.

The painting is my first black and white, commissioned by my brother Daniel 🙂 and painted at the very least – six years ago!