Nobody Loves Me – an introduction

When you have lost everything that mattered – what is left and who is left – but nothing and Nobody…

She sat on a bench in the midday sun in a park that had no trees – A couple sat down next to her without giving her a first look – never mind a second glance.

She pushed her bag a little further under the bench, out of sight.

On the far side of the park just stepping off the beach was a little girl in bright colours – a fist full of beads glistening in the sun. The child made her way to the bench… And the couple moved off awkwardly when she held out her necklaces expectantly.

The little girl hopped up onto the empty space now beside her and looked at the painting she had on her lap.

“Where that is?”

“Nowhere” She turned away slightly.

“I am Nina – Who are you?”

“…Nobody – I’m Nobody…”