Nobody Loves Me – Nina

Nina hadn’t sold many necklaces, only a very few bracelets – she was mildly worried but mostly desperate to go and sit on the large turtle in the park and pretend it was carrying her across the ocean. But instead she stood on the beach seeming to look around, but mostly lost in thoughts.

Nina didn’t remember much about Guatemala, except that she had walked forever to get out of it and into Belize. She remembered how pretty her mom was, how tightly she had held her hand… They had boarded a boat loaded with vegetables and crossed over to an island – she had tried to catch the water as it splashed up the hull and her mom had held her tight – and that is all she could remember. How they had arrived at her tia’s house in San Mateo, if her mom had said goodbye before she left that day and didn’t come back… she couldn’t remember. She had only been three then.

She was nearly six now… and had to sell more necklaces.