The Mark


Skylar looked up at her phone and pouted her lips and before even looking at the selfie she had taken – she quickly put on the filter – the one that made her look somewhat mystical and soft around the edges. She frowned when she saw the TV glaring stupid news in the background, and with a touch of a button she was on the beach in a bikini – she dropped in some acronyms that would leave decoders baffled and a hashtag list longer than a mile before putting it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Tiktok could wait till school – if she could wrangle being in her gym outfit when they gave the vaccines.

The news was on as always, and some woman was saying something about choices – her father took this opportunity to make yet another car reference, as he heaped his bowl full of cereal. 

“She keeps going on about choice… but who’s going to get a Ferrari and say ‘Hey! I wanted a Toyota!’” he laughed at his own joke, because his wife was on a conference call and his only child, his 15 year old daughter had her face buried behind her phone.

Skylar vaguely heard her dad, but she was too busy trolling the girl who thought she was better than everyone else – just because she had bought the latest filters for her phone, instead of using the free ones… her parents were too cheap to buy her filters…

Her heart beat a little faster as emojis and likes started flooding her phone with that glorious notification sound, seconds passed and comments started pouring in too… she didn’t pay much attention to what they said – but she smiled brightly as she walked to the door without saying goodbye.

She stopped briefly in the door way as if she had forgotten something…

She held up her phone to the sky and puffed out her lips and winked her eye.

She went straight to the filters and chose the one that made her look the most like a supermodel – Skylar captioned it: TTYN bus losers – LAST DAY -LMAO – No more POS – #Free #Chipped