A Wager of Wills

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About the Book

Amy Kensington’s life has all the promise of happiness…Until a death in the family turns her world upside down.

With a promise to live up to, a betrothal to bring an end to, and a broken friendship to restore – Amy fights to overcome the grief, to see past her past.

Put through a series of trials she must prove herself capable of running her father’s world trading company. And a journey that takes her to trading posts around the world is just the thing… For anything might happen on such a journey – Anything is likely to happen when there are those who cannot afford to have her succeed.

A Wager of Wills Book Cover

About the Author

Samantha Alchin was born in South Africa, grew up on a small farm in the Little Karoo — When she was 17 her parents sold the farm, bought a boat and five of the family began on a journey to see the world. They made it as far as San Pedro, Belize and got stuck. The island is now her home.

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Author Samantha Alchin